Denver Mensa

Home of the Denver chapter of American Mensa, a High IQ society.

Local Testing for Mensa

Please see the American Mensa’s “Join Mensa” information at You may submit prior evidence or take the test.

Contact Denver Mensa’s Testing Coordinator, Joi-Lin Russell, at

Testing session reservations must be pre-arranged, via email, with the Testing Coordinator. Cost is $40 payable by check, or testing voucher, to American Mensa. A current picture ID is required. Candidates must be 14 yrs old by test date. 14-18 yr olds must have their parent accompany and sign consent to test in person.

Mensa does have options for a non-language battery of tests for dyslexic prospects, for those who English is not their main language, or for those whose physical condition prevents them from taking the standard Mensa tests. These cannot be administered at a regular testing session. Inform the Testing Coordinator and special accommodations will be made.